Bonny At Morn
Hello again, Eric. Since my last comment, back in 2013, I have been back to your site mnay times. I have just been putting a version of Bonny At Morn on my YouTube channel, got again as a Song-of-the-Week on the Mandolin Cafe website. I used your melody and 1st harmony part and added the chords on guitar. Can be heard over on YouTube on my page - TheOldBores.

Thanks again for your work.
Posted by John Kelly on 19 April 2017
Thanks for letting me know. It's great to get these good tunes played, and your version is very pleasant. I have another group of 20 tunes coming soon!
Posted by Eric Allan on 20 April 2017
Thanks to Erin and others for the kind comments. It's good to get these good old tunes out there.
Posted by Eric Allan on 18 September 2014
Your beautiful, accessible arrangements
Hi, Eric,
My friend and I have been playing these lovely arrangements for two years now here in the American Southwest and often have a guitarist and one or two other fiddlers with us. The tunes are still a delight after all this time. I keep extra copies for when I meet new people at music camps. Everyone enjoys playing them and asks how to get them. It is wonderful to find some new tunes have been added. Thank you so much for your work and for making it available to all.
Posted by Erin on 10 September 2014
scottish music piano scores
Thanks Eric for making your work available,
They look very playable with the settings you have made. I've tried playing a couple of them an d plan to revisit,
Posted by Leslie Marshall on 28 August 2014
Great. Enjoy the music.
Posted by Eric Allan on 07 September 2014
Your website
Hello Eric, I have just been made aware of your site through one of the forum groups on the Mandolin Cafe site. Congratulations on a great site and special thanks for the arrangements you have put up for the pleasure of all who wish to access them.
I play the mandolin family of instruments (and build them too) and am resident in Argyllshire, on the shores of the Holy Loch.
Posted by John Kelly on 25 August 2013
music downloads
Posted on 23 May 2013
Great to hear from you
Posted on 21 February 2012
Posted on 21 February 2012