A mysterious song
Hello...your web site came up in a search I'm doing for a melody called Jamieson's Farewell. I can find not one shred of info about the tune except for one recording it is on. I don't know if it's traditional or not, or even if it is Scottish. Is it in one of your collections, or do you know anything about this beautiful waltz? Many thanks, Jennifer
Posted by Jennifer Pratt-Walter on 30 March 2019
I guess, like me, you heard this on YouTube by Ensemble Galilei. Nice tune. I've not come across it before. There's a mention on the net of a tune by that name composed by John Kilpatrick of Steeleye Span, and it does seem to me to have a Folk Revival sound. Regards, Eric
Posted by on 06 April 2019
Eric My trio, two violins and a cello, are really enjoying playing some of your lovely arrangements. I've transposed the third part to bass clef for the cello and it works really well. Thank you for the pleasure you've given us. Antoinette
Posted by Antoinette on 12 March 2019
Thanks, Antoinette - enjoy the music. Eric
Posted by Eric Allan on 12 March 2019
Thanks Eric for your for making your wonderful music so freely available. I have just started playing for a Scottish country dancing group, and
find your melodies both lovely and very playable.
I will also be introducing your harmonies to a music camp this weekend.
Thanks again
Posted by Gemma O�Shea on 12 March 2019
Thanks for your comments, Gemma. I would be happy to have news of your dance group and music camp. I have a few more arrangements to go on the site shortly. Eric
Posted by Helen Allan on 12 March 2019
Just letting you know our dance group is in Coffs Harbour, Australia.
Our group has been dancing for 10 years now. Our teacher is very keen and has 3 classes week. I dance at two and play accordion for her beginners group. Our camp this weekend is both music and dance.
A group of us mainly from Brisbane and Northern NSW, get together 4 times a year at a national park to play music and do different types of folk
dancing. I have given them some
of your harmonies an am looking forward to playing them, and also to your new arrangements.
Posted by Gemma O�Shea on 14 March 2019
Thanks, Gemma. Good to know that Scottish music is alive and well down under
Posted by Eric Allan on 14 March 2019
Dear Eric, so lovely to read about all the good things you and Helen are still doing in support of traditional music. Only wish that Balnain House was as it was. Such special times. Kindest wishes, Jenny
Posted by Jenny Parsons on 05 August 2018
Good to hear from you, Jenny. Yes, Balnain House played a big part in many people’s lives. Having got so much from the music, it’s good to be able to contribute a little
Posted by on 06 August 2018
You have some wonderful compositions.
Posted by Amanda Ellis on 27 November 2017
Thanks, Amanda. Glad you're enjoying the tunes
Posted by EricAllan on 27 November 2017
Posted on 07 October 2017
Bonny At Morn
Posted on 19 April 2017
Posted on 18 September 2014
Your beautiful, accessible arrangements
Posted on 10 September 2014
scottish music piano scores
Posted on 28 August 2014
Your website
Posted on 25 August 2013
music downloads
Posted on 23 May 2013
Great to hear from you
Posted on 21 February 2012
Posted on 21 February 2012
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